Gov. Ned Lamont touted the University of Connecticut’s economic impact on the state ahead of a new analysis that will be released Tuesday afternoon.

“UConn is an economic driver for the state,” he said Monday.

Lamont said he was briefed on the new impact analysis, which will be unveiled later today alongside a website with a town-by-town breakdown of the impact.

“The report will outline the amount of economic activity that UConn generates yearly for the state, including through jobs, research, clinical care, value added to the gross state product, and other factors,” UConn said in a news release.

The report was done internally at the university, spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said.

In 2013, the university commissioned a similar study from Pittsburgh consulting firm Tripp Umbach. Rather than paying for it to be done externally on contract, Reitz said, “we had our own experts do it.”

The previous report found that the flagship had a $3.4 billion impact on the state’s economy in 2013.

Lamont on Monday pointed to President Thomas Katsouleas’s experience in engineering as key to the state’s economic growth.

“We’ve got a new president there, Tom Katsouleas, he came out of Duke School of Engineering,” Lamont said. “He’s in a part of the state where we have tons of engineering and manufacturing jobs that we can’t fill, and UConn is key to our economic future there.”

Katsouleas started at UConn in August. He was previously the executive vice president and provost at University of Virginia, and led Duke’s School of Engineering for seven years.