The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from Feb. 25-March 1:

Nicole Petschulat to John Philbin and Timothy Philbin, 423 Pemburn Drive, $360,000

Peter L. Cashman to David and Kimberly Bujnowski, 105 Eleven O'Clock Road, $1,220,000

Dianne Glass to William Glass, 40 Beechwood Lane, $252,000

Daniel and Moira Garlock to Gloria Cherney, 160 Fairfield Woods Road No. 4, $235,000

Duetsche Bank, N.A., to Canterbury Development LLC, 84 Denise Terrace, $292,000

Brett and Kristen Balavender to Richard C. and Carole L. Schlerter, trustee, 186 High Ridge Road, $654,000

Herman C. Fricke U/W Trust to 96 College Place LLC, 96-96 1/2 College Place, $330,000

Arch Bay Holdings LLC to US Bank, N.A., trustee, 85 Dogwood Lane, $282,600

Elizabeth E. Carter to Yogesh Shetty and Bhuvaneshwari Krishnamoorthy, 30 Youngstown Road, $475,000

The Lillian Bulion Irrevocable Trust to James and Judy Cyr, 229 Euclid Ave., $325,000

Michael and Nancy J. Aleksa to John M. Paulson, 3701 North St., $789,900

Robert P. and Pamela L. Luise to Anthony E. and Jennifer M. Acquaviva, 49 Beverly Lane, $735,000

Lydia S. Smith to John and Marjone Brown, 95 Buena Vista Road, $309,500