The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from Nov. 19-23.

Thomas J. and Erin R. Flynn to George C. and Kathleen M. Rippey, 127 White's Hill Lane, $1,200,000

101 Rhoda LLC to Milton and Catherine Hallas, 101 Rhoda Ave., $1,375,000

Estate of Marianne S. Butler to Todd and Bianca Schumaker, 98 Trillium Road, $365,500

Robert M. Butler to Todd and Bianca Schumaker, 98 Trillium Road, $365,500

Love Where You Live Homes LLC to Theodore and Mary Youngling, 103 Howard St., $889,000

Jeffery Reuben III, trustee, to Whetmore 21 LLC, 405 Hulls Highway, $465,000

Estate of Iannacone Crimi to Jonathan Pcolar, 35 Beechwood Lane, $375,000

Dorothy Colafrancresco, trustee, to Hou Tsang Kwok, 66 Borosky Drive, $382,000

Cynthia A. Shanley to Charles Ryan and Lisa C. Burke, 740 South Pine Creek Road, $525,500

Lawrence and Lou Anne Freeman to Choosing Happiness LLC, 1034 Fairfield Beach Road, $1,075,000

Peter J. Schirmann to Sean and Lisa Bosken, 89 Eunice Ave., $902,000

Anthony Auriemma and Maria Bernardi to Amanda E. Donofer, 927 Mill Plain Road, $705,000

Dante and Cecilia Schettino to Julian Molina and Carolina Angarita, 154 Berwick Ave., $300,000

John J. and Barbara C. DeRosa to Veronica O'Connell, 41 Beaumont St., $600,000

Camilo Soto to Jason Wojnarwowski, 215 Valley View Road, $307,000