The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office June 29-July 2:

Shawn and Lindsay McGowan to Jason and Carey Alves, 10 Centerbrook Road, $470,000

Diana D. Hede to Travis Ringger, 438 Jeniford Road, $415,000

Jonathan and Catherine Leitner to Eli and Marietta Kathein, 78 Rockland Road, $495,000

Birch Hill Construction Limited Partnership to Luciano and Cassia Raus, 62 Jeniford Road, $934,000

Love Where You Live Homes Inc. to Mohit and Manisha Agrawal, 57 Lindbergh St., $1,210,000

Eric and Deborah Angotto to Kinshuk and Diksha Varshney, 74 Candlewood Road, $429,000

Denise and John Milanese Jr. to Michele Murzad, 111 Webb Road, $460,000

Kathryn Collins to Rui Pedroso Luis, 162 Country Road, $602,000

Clarise Patoon to Nicholas Perez and Kathryn Goldthwaite, 280 Halley Ave., $413,500

Daniel Allocca and Erica Morabito to Robert Hlad, 1585 Melville Ave., $450,000

Aaron T. Roth to Jean Paul Desrosiers Jr., 155 Alden St., $427,055

Carolyn Bruno to Pedro Ruiz Diaz, 373 Suburban Ave., $230,000

Isis Bartels and William Simson to Michael and Caroline Gantz, 898 Cross Highway, $1,137,500

Christopher and Sandra Kroll to William Giff and Cahterine Vanslyck-Giff, 75 Tahmore Court, $807,000

Eric and Katherine Conrad to John and Heidi Davis, 151 Gorham Road, $875,000

Estate of Robert Northcott to John and Karen Vaughan, 58 Valley View Road, $211,500

Barbara Northcott to John and Karen Vaughan, 58 Valley View Road, $211,500

Stanley M. Byczko Jr. Family Trust to Samuel and Sharon Carpenter, 98 Baldwin Terrace, $400,000

James and Pamela Iannazzo to Lori S. Fernandes, 249 Mailands Road, $1,030,000

Maureen Linder to Rajan and Mehta Ria, 1040 Sturges Highway, $1,200,000

Robert and Catherine Steczkowski to Devin and Amy White, 50 Romanock Road, $850,000

David and Christine Backus to James and Barbara Babcock, 129 Lee Drive, $935,000

Diane and Stephen Curtis to Brenda and Leah Fogarty, 164 Cobblers Hill Road, $1,450,000

Brooke S. Aymar to Pine Partners LLC, 28 Massachusetts Ave., $260,125

Dorothy Purchase to Crickerbrook Development LLC, 384 Wormwood Road, $213,166.50

Richard Purchase to Crickerbrook Development LLC, 384 Wormwood Road, $213,166.50

Dwell, LLC, to Graig and Rachael Diamond, 170 Dunnlea Road, $685,000

Gabor Molna to Mary Ellen O’Connor, 89 Adley Road, $950,000

Peter L. Altieri, trustee, to Daniel J. Donegan III, 100 Burr St., $615,000

John Dickinson to Richard D. Robbins, 1422 Melville Ave., $262,000

Marilyn Herlin to Paul and Sharon Hiznay, 940 South Pine Creek Road, $715,000

James F. Barnes, executor, to Kevin C. Vallerie, 108 Winnepoge Drive, $365,000

Laurie and Jeffrey Stefanowicz to Gerardo and Stefanie Tavolato, 347 Lalley Boulevard, $1,375,000

Mark and susan Annaimo to Eric and Katherine Conrad, 535 Warner Hill Road, $1,292,500

Margaret Eckman Irrevocable Trust to Douglas and Raman Meyer, 175 Curtis Terrace, $427,500

Thomas and Winifred Brennan to Salma Qamar, 12 Knapps Park Drive, $130,000

INIS Development, LLC, to Thippesha Hirenallur Shanthappa, 105 Roseville Road, $450,000

Estate of Marie A. York to Michael Tarson, 138 Taunton Road, $520,000

Marilyn Fleureton to Catherin Lynch and Sean Curtis, 1700 Mill Plain Road, $517,000

Lisa Fortuan to Bret and Carolina Sherak, 31 Catherine Terrace, $750,000

RMK Crown Properties LLC, to Kyle Guthy, 314 Stratfield Road, $560,000

Joseph Supan to Jose DaSilva, 311 Knapps Highway, $290,000

Timothy and Lisa Roberts to Alex Vishno and Joy Agnisky, 61 Hemlock Hills North, $885,000