The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from Oct. 22-Nov. 9.

Louie P. Pintek Jr. to Anthony J. Krize, 280 Melody Lane, $202,500

Jane E. Loper to OP Acquisitions LLC, 196 Pine Creek Ave., $1,100,000

Estate of Ellen Leeds to Susan B. Earls and Leif E. Vik, 1135 Mill Hill Road, $410,000

Dolores P. Szabo to Regency Homes LLC, 189 Veres St., $390,000

Gertrude R. Kaplan, Arnold Kaplan and Susan K. Bauchner, trustees of Gertrude R. Kaplan Revocable Trust to Laurence C. and Kelly C. Rollins, 97 South Gate Lane, $712,500

Howard B. Adams to Joshua E. McLevy, 95 Perry St., $277,500

Jennifer Kim Meier to Thomas and Elisabeth Schneider, 171 Birch Road, $1,800,000

Estate of Graceann Tivadar to 289 Hunyadi LLC, 289 Hunyadi Ave., $320,000

Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc. to SF Station Street LLC, 65-75 Station St., $1,000,000

Dolares J. Roetter to Anthony Patrone, 107 Beaumont St., $455,000

Hane M. Nichols to Catamount Hills LLC, 508 Catamount Road, $500,000

Estate of Albert M. Bushinsky Sr. to Letisha Anne Blanckaert, 141 Mayweed Road, $295,000

Pamela Garrett to Dominic and Rita Mezzapelle, 253 Riverside Drive, $522,000

Lucky 139 LLC to Lufam Homes LLC, 80 Old Black Rock Turnpike, $160,000

Dean Kardamis to Michael and Lisa Trokyna, 743 Bronson Road, $1,300,000

Beverly Goldfield to Lawrence G. and Megan Foley, 55 Benedict Ave., $369,000

Janet Holsten Perry to Anthony Holdampf, 60 Christmas Tree Lane, $970,000

Adrianne Gallucci-Breithaupt, Cara Gallucci and Madeline Monde, as successor trustees of Alfred J. Gallucci Revocable Trust, to Vladimir and Irina Gorshkova, 15 Commonwealth Drive, $649,000

Barbara Ann Scinto to Joseph D. Emanuel, 15 Verna Field Road, $1,200,000

Jacqueline Goebel to Christopher and Candice Kinney, 879 Oldfield Road, $467,000

Christopher Ebstein to Ryan M. and Kristen M. Glick, 311 Warde Terrace, $440,000

Dorothea P. Gartsn Revocable Trust and George N. Gartsn Revocable Trust to Gerland and Melanie Raggieri, 180 Fields Rock Road, $825,000

Hugo and Kristin Galletta to John and Sara Harding, 20 Centerbrook Road, $629,500

Carlo D. and Kristen W. Pippilo to Hugo and Kristin Galletta, 611 Winnepoge Drive, $1,026,000

Peter N. Burr to Claudia Woelfle, 276 Somerset Ave., $655,000

Patricia Zarra to Tara Martin, 1213 Merritt St., $320,000

Scott Torello and Alyson French to Mark W. and Sandra E. Rowland, 12 Oliva Place, $735,000

Robert A. and Stephanie Franchini to Steven M. McKeon, 362 Joan Drive, $975,000

Christopher J. and Sandra M. Wright to Gerard Mullally and Cheryl Miller, 536 Hemlock Road, $825,000

Justin A. and Emily A. Hawryluk to William N. and Victoria F. Channell, 399 Jackman Ave., $553,000

Estate of Barbara A. Kamph to Wendy Delson, 1135 Stratfield Road, $214,000

John and Joan Kratky to Thomas Maniscalo, 3845 Park Ave., No 6, $347,000

Huzefa Badaruddin to Daniel Sutter, 160 Pell Meadow Drive, $439,900

HSBC Bank USA, as trustree, to Mulreed, 85 Andrassy Ave., $170,000

Estate of Helen M. Gyuricsko to Christopher Kuen and Kimberly Strazza, 1531 Fairfield Woods Road, $320,000

James and Carole M. Messina to Michael Colelli, 111 Flower House Drive, $575,000

John P. Wokanovicz and Catherine W. Wokanovicz, trustees of Wokanovicz Family Trust, to Kenneth P. Wokanovicz, 24 Ryegate Road, $250,000

John and Donna O'Connor to Dominic and Victoria PonceDeLeon, 577 Old Mill Road, $745,000

Estate of Bruce S. Kershner to Arvind and Kavita Bhatt, 53 Southport Woods Drive, $310,000

Stephen and Frances Hangos to David G. Ritch, 116 Youngstown Road, $300,000

Brian E. and Annmarie P. Briones to D. Charles LLC, 439 Wormwood Road, $310,000