The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office June 22-26:

John Schoensfeldt Jr. to Matthew and Haylee Glassman, 125 Church Hill Road, $396,000

Estate of Margaret Daly to Timothy and Kristen Dee, 132 Cardinal St., $385,000

Christopher and Alicia Chang to Kenneth and Alicia Carroll, 1617 Mill Plain Road, $815,000

960 North Benson Road, LLC, to Colleen and Timothy Tycz, 948 North Benson Road, $940,000.

Jeffrey McHugh and Molly Henry to Michael Steinberg, 378 Church Hill Road, $539,000

Tracey Lynn Salem to Timothy and Patricia Clary, 136 Chatham Road, $600,000

Timothy and Jennifer Sticco to Alexis J. Schulten, 193 Hulls Highway, $599,000

Shawn and Timothy Grega to Andrew Schlesinger and Kimberly Pearson, 41-43 Pease Ave., $420,000

Eileen A. Fovau Revocable Trust to James and Margaret Billings, 82 Southport Woods Drive, $429,000

James R. Blake to Michael and Kathryn Perdy, 47 Crescent Road, $770,000

John and Timothy Philbin to Juan Lozada and Judith Castillo, 36 Woods End Road, $1,300,000

BP-NP, LLC, to Alex and Lisa Putsas, 78 Cambridge Street, $820,000

CRO Management, LLC, to Four Kids R Us, LLC, 366 Suburban Avenue, $385,000

Richard and Annette Goglia to Nicole Gabriel, 25 Birchwood Circle, $605,000

Southport Green, LLC, to Jeffrey and Mary Tengel, 49 Southport Green, $995,000

Christopher and Judith Healy to Daniel Scinto, 130 Bittersweet Road, $745,000

167 Old Post Road, LLC, to Paja 1, LLC, 167 Old Post Road, $1,225,000

Steven Raucci to Peter Harding, 62 Round Hill Road, $495,000

Andrew Szost to Diane and Perry DelMedico, 192 Szost Drive, $380,000

Carolyn Moran to OTW, LLC, 344 Romanock Road, $350,000

Anthony Alaimo and Nicole Lay-Alaimo to John T. Foley Jr., 558 Riverside Drive, $493,000

Jeffrey and Jessica Doerner to Jordan and Karen Schur, 278 Ruane St., $625,000

Penny L. Bowen to Jonathan Russell, 150 Palamar Drive, $432,500

Brendan and Christina Jacobson to Marisa Wright, 449 Round Hill Road, $675,000

Stephen A. Jalkut to Jeffrey and Jessica Doerner, 637 Mill Plain Road, $729,000

Pinnacle Peak to Adam and Christine Weberman, 29 Riverfield Drive, $1,186,500

Robert Lessler and Debra Pearlman to Alexander and Tatiana Baram, 4005 Park Avenue, $347,000

Emily Van de Weijer to Patricia A. Riemersma, 147 Westford Drive, $420,000

Bracken and Kathleen O’Neill to Patrice Fouchy, 432 Rowland Road, $860,000

SGS Second Chance Trust to Andrew Maloney, 66 The Knoll, $1,150,000

Special Properties XII, LLC, to Wassim and Erin Albaridi, 134 Meadow Ridge Road, $1,814,412

Estate of Charles Vorgang to Michael and Emma Heilbrunn, 80 Phyfe Road, $610,000

Philip and Lydia Grenier to Richard and Amanda Morgan, 369 Stratfield Road, $465,000

Jakka Korpela to Anthony and Jenna Boccamazzo, 55 Arbor Terrace, $495,000

MaryEllen O’Connor to Jin Hyung Lee, 107 Pansy Road, $579,000

Kevin and Joan Daley to C.A. Ripa, 120 Redding Road, $950,000

Mark and Katherine Reed to Jonathan and Estelle Merola, 52 Romanock Road, $520,000

Patricia and Michael Linane Jr. to Lindsay W. Clayton, 173 Pratt St., $585,000