The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office Aug. 17-21:

Claudia C. Kellogg to Galen M. Robbins, 127 College Park Drive, $770,000

Sina and Matthew Binkowitz to John and Debra Lawlor, 92 Barlow Plain Drive, $850,000

Daniel Houle and Justine Sekelsky to Craig L. Duffield, 253 Fairchild Ave., $200,000

Trevor and Stacy Tank to Alexander and Jenna Russo, 220 Old Spring Road, $540,000

Lufam Homes, LLC, to Jennifer McClister and William M. Musser IV, 72 Old Black Rock Turnpike, $745,000

Timothy Murphy and Rosemarie Sullivan, co-trustees, to Victor and Diane Encarnacion, 1095 Brooklawn Ave., $403,000

Estate of Diane S. Chueka to Philip Epifano, 592 Center St., $400,000

Robert Medvey to Karen J. Inman, 717 Riverside Drive, $625,000

Richard Schede to Charles and Kelley Ferreira, 154 Warsaw St., $291,000

Daniel Donegan to Debra and Carl Thane, III, 289 Woodbridge Ave., $435,000

Laurence and Diane Aiken to Scott and Michelle Walker, 1969 Cross Highway, $767,000

Darren and Christina Feher to Jay Burstell, 220 Ingleside Road, $1,100,000

Richard and Diane Rossiter to Brad D. Keilitz, 1395 Galloping Hill Road, $700,000

Estate of Linda M. Bennett to Eric and Karen Anahony, 61 Flushing Ave., $465,000

Jean Gregory to Barbra and Albert Ondis, III, 515 Beach Road, $720,000

Lori S. Fernandes to Marcos Rodrigues (90 percent) and Tina Marie Crater (10 percent), 129 Quarter Horse Lane, $1,950,000

Lee and Kathleen Narwold to Andrew Lambert, 77 Ross Hill Road, $675,000

Amanda Weaver and Jospeh Sannella to Patricia Palmer, 70 Timothy St., $339,000

Barry and Faith Mauri to Lee Forest, 668 Bronson Road, $630,000

Robert W. Harris to Seth Martin and Anna Cipolla, 65 Moody Ave., $415,000

HSBC Bank, USA, National Association, trustee, to Thomas J. Kane, 167 Turney Road, $425,000

Frank Hadson to Phyllis Bartoli, 35 Penfield Place, $565,000

Estate of Elizabeth Bok to Micheal Bolash, 92 Overlook Ave., $112,200

Donna M. Brewer, executrix, to Janet C. Christie, 152 Salt Meadow Road, $610,000

Thomas and Jacqueline Brown to Carlos Solano, 89 Baros St., $406,000