The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's Office from Aug. 6-10:

David Burton and Eiko A. Essoyan to Thomas A. Bailey and Sarah J. Puerini, 886 Sturges Highway, $730,000

Jets LLC to James Matthews McCormick, 60 Sasco River Lane, $1,500,000

Eleanor R. Feroletto to Peter and Heidi Gaillard, 126 White Oak Road, $967,100

Jennie Dall to Camilo Soto, 215 Valley View Road, $280,000

Ruth Borgman to Joanne Parady, 192 Southport Woods Drive, $330,000

John and Tamas Andres, trustees, to Joseph Corselli, 245 Whiting Pond Road, $765,000

Penny S. Lyons to Steven F. and Sarah B. Weiss, 370 Mine Hill Road, $1,800,000

Aimee E. and Felipe G. Rosa to Elliot Miller, 166 Fairview Ave., $445,000

Peter F. Sherwood to Florindo M. Trofa, 260 Southport Woods Drive, $286,000

Estate of Ann L. Perna to Cynthia Ann Derevjanik and Susan Elizabeth Solz, trustees, 80 Montauk St., $208,000

Leonard and Kristen Lambert to Peter Zaboretsky, 53 Cornell Road, $190,000

Sherman and Nancy M. Goosman to Lisa Lampugnale, 1053 Fairfield Beach Road, $2,212,500

Isabella M. Renzulli to Matthew and Rebecca Kern, 365 Hulls Highway, $697,500

Patricia McCallum to Beachside Estates LLC, 11 Edwards St., $820,300

320 Round Hill Road LLC to Conor Coleman, 320 Round Hill Road, $450,000

Elaine McMillan to Charlotte Poulsen, 67 Euclid Ave, $345,000