The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office June 1-5:

Leonard Grasso Jr. to Darrell Gallant, 388 Old Stratfield Road, $209,900

William E. Boczkowski and Pamela Tuska to Vanbrodt Estates, LLC, 1851 North Benson Road, $378,000

Meredit McCormack to Jeffrey and Tamarie Howald, 891 Fairfield Beach Road, $2,075,000

John C. Dunagan to Ira and Rhoda Boskoff, 50 Stone Ridge Way, 3B, $610,000

Edmund and Nicole Elsaesser to Paulo Vicente, 105 Hill Brook Lane, $1,080,000

Deborah and James Hanrahan III to John J. Philbin, 76 Dill Road, $400,000

Stephanie Goldman to Ping Liu and Dania Zheng, 33 Pansy Circle, $1,113,000

Lorraine Gombas to Canterbury Development, LLC, 325 Bullard St., $250,000

Mary Donaher to Daniel and Jessica Slippen, 21 Victoria Court, $1,015,000

Kathleen and Arthur Duel III to Robert and Maureen Kaps, 136 Palmer Bridge, $725,000

Gray and Jessica Burn to Michael and Channing Fournier, 134 Shoreham Village Drive, $445,000

James and Christine Cook to Colleen Garcia, 1057 Fairfield Beach Road, $2,300,000

Brendan and Leah Fogarty to Adam Klimek and Amy Harrison, 9 Chelsea St., $710,000

Roert and Maureen Kaps to Richard Montague, 713 Sturges Road, $755,000

David Grella to Alexandria and Kyle Ball, 134 Rolling Ridge Road, $625,000

Eden S. Diamond, administrator, to Craig Maniscalco, 128 Sky Top Drive, $460,000

Michael and Alessandra Buskello to Jerry and Tanika Decembre, 41 Revere Lane, $635,000

Linda Gale to Eric Monkman and Kathleen White, 521 Cascade Drive, $462,000

Anthony and Claudia Monaco to Jason Dobyan, 50 Hazel St., $379,000

Jay and Annette Serniak to Bryan and Morgan Marcinek, 195 Mayfair Road, $590,000

Peter Philp to Amanda Graham, 145 Szost Drive, $429,000

James and Robin O’Neil to Ravinder Mallavapu, 1030 Flintlock Road, $1,250,000

Peter Mackey Revocable Trust to Daniel Pascone, 366 Buena Vista Road, $259,500

Anita Mackey Revocable Trust to Daniel Pascone, 366 Buena Vista Road, $259,500

John Birmingham Jr. to Krisztina Berencsi, 37 Coburn St., $175,000

Gergg farber to David and Brieanna Krasnoff, 48 Partridge Lane, $460,000

LEM Construction Co. to Michael West and Shawn Washington, 80 Four Seasons Road, $715,000

Frank and Gary DelVecchio to Peter Prizio, 184 Lota Drive, $345,000

Leonard and Denise Scinto to Marc Gerber, 22-24 Bullard St., $405,000

Grega Family Limited Partnership to BCM Realty, LLC, 740 Gilbert Highway, $325,000

Kenneth Grindrod to Coleen Weinstein, 75 Andrassy Ave., $260,000

Charles and Catherine Lamber to Christian Henry, 1929 Cross Highway, $840,000

Estate of William I. Glass to Michael Carafotes, 40 Beechwood Lane, $415,000