The following Fairfield property transfers took place from June 18-22:

Anthony and Maria H. Tranquillo to Khan Amjad, 130 Halley Ave., Unit A, $200,000

Robert P. and Jane F. Casey to Jeffrey M. Roberts, 1190 Pequot Ave., $2,450,000

Jean Holland and Joel C. Orenstein to Dolores U. Bacharach, 56 Southport Woods Drive, $425,000

Andrei and Mariana Badea to Alex and Shirley Stein, 72 Morehouse Drive, $485,000

Ruth Halkuff to Jeffrey L. and Lisa S. Nable, 37 Chandlers Lane North, $725,000

Joanne Brown to Matthew Zygmant, 210 Primrose Lane, $400,000

Ann G. Wasmer to Matthew J. Anderson, 201 Old Academy Road, $1,425,000

Estate of Mario J. Mainiero to Peter P. Fiorillo, 1007 Merritt St., $255,000

Beverly A. Bravo to Michael A. and Nicole M. DeMattia, 160 Red Oak Road, $981,000

Estate of Martha P. Dimmock to Steve Sucic, 56 Sasco Hill Road, $440,000

Joseph D. Emanuel to Jennifer Cherry and John Emanuel, 675 Wellington Drive, $1,030,000

Robert Paun and Nina Butler Paun to Matthew Handler, 27 Drumm Road, $685,000

Estate of Arline C. Fazio to Diana Tarczali, 168 Sky Top Drive, $500,000

Antonio V. Nobrega to Christopher Flaherty, 525 Stevenson Road, $250,000

Margaret Mary Tobin to Ryan D. Realty LLC, 48 Fox Run Road, $415,000

Erik T. and Genevieve Swenson to Peter Hawkins, 366 Meadowbrook Road, $600,000

Estate of Amy C. Lyster to Erik and Genevieve Swenson, 243 Verna Hill Road, $672,000

John and Dorota Palladino to Piyush J. and Renu P. Vora, 603 Morehouse Highway, $675,000

Geoffrey H. Russell and Mary Ann Solomon to Marc J. and Kristine M. Lefebvre, 105 Ivy Lane, $1,230,000

Anthony A. and Jan M. Coppola to Timothy McMullen, 11 Godfrey Road, $575,000

Alfred C. Werner to Lydia Cerreta, 53 Madison Hill, $563,000

Roben and Melanie Torosyan to Shawn McCarthy, 61 Wellner Drive, $409,000

Estate of Dorothy S. Rudkin to Shirley Baker Griswold, 103 Field Point Drive, $660,000

Jay Fain to Stephen M. Cooney, 450 Dunham Road, $455,000

Estate of Grace B. Raveis to Marta Kourelis-Konopka, 925 Fairfield Woods Road, $350,000

Michael V. and Carol Scimeca to BII Builders LLC, 376 Benson Road, $490,000

Lynn and Robert Gelzheiser to Gray and Jessica Burn, 134 Shoreham Village Drive, $425,000

Robert C. Reinarz and Robin L. Brown to Barry A. and Barbara M. Schwimmer, 346 Pine Creek Ave., $1,380,000