The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office July 6-10:

Jeremy and Katherinn Joyce to Yvonne Su, 29 Cedar Road, $547,500

Cynthia Baumann to Andrew Holbrook, 37 Blueberry Lane, $600,000

Canterbury Development, LLC, to Matthew Musano, 137 Lisbon Drive, $520,000

Joseph M. Sambrook to Edwardo and Dyan Gonzales, 33 Wheeler Park Ave., $285,000

Sylvestor Salcedo for Robert Doebert to Wells Fargo, 100 Calf Pond Road, $1,382,500

50 Unquowa Place Partnership to Unquowa Place Partners 50, LLC, 50 Unquowa Place, $2,200,000

50 Unquowa Place Partnership to Unquowa Place Partners 66, LLC, 66 Unquowa Place, $800,000

William K. Phillips to Prime Realty Group, LLC, 1052 Black Rock Turnpike, $230,000

Darve Shimizn to Vincent and Donna O’Hara, 1087 Black Rock Turnpike, $257,500

Christopher and Sarah Thoren to Scott Sternowski, 645 Church Hill Road, $530,000

Philip and Annette Palmieri to Andrew Baron, 2167 Burr St., $1,812,500

Maria and Leslie Takacs to Christopher Fee, 178 Longview Ave., $228,000

MBC Property, LLC, to Mikael and Asa Anden, 637 Reef Road, $640,000

Estate of Judith Ross to David and Evamarie Elinskas, 50 Potters Lane, $207,500

Mary B. Carreau to David and Evamarie Elinskas, 50 Potters Lane, $207,500

Alice Lowe to Luke Tombline and Sonya Kane, 1586 Stratfield Road, $325,000

Katie R. jamison to Gregory and Erin French, 214 Stonybrook Road, $790,000

Ronald Chiplinsky to Brianne E. Donlon, 2496 Easton Turnpike, $265,000

James and Susan Bellissimo to Annette Palmieri, 175 Millspaugh Drive, $580,000

Jean Howard to Jennifer and Timothy Sticco, 178 Taintor Drive, $760,000

JVS Builders, LLC, to Sik Hur, 616 Center St., $555,000

Jeffrey and Mary Tengel to Gary and Barbara Watson, 81 Birch Road, $1,500,000

John and Molly Damico to David Landsman, 44 Roanoke Ave., $320,000

Louise Mottola and Anthony Nazzaro to Florina Merturi, 23 Waschuk Circle, $339,000

Donna Palazzolo and Diane Drosdeck to Pinnacle Peak, Inc., 91 Partridge Lane, $453,650

Donald and Norma Branson to Susan Mainwald, 245 Sunnyridge Ave., Apr. 30, $217,000