Latest Fairfield property transfers: $6.1M Sasco Hill sale

The property at 581 Sasco Hill Road was recently sold for $6.1 million.
The property at 581 Sasco Hill Road was recently sold for $6.1 million.Contributed / Contributed photo

The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office Aug. 24-28:

Christopher and Stacey Curti to Robert Marshall, 118 Larkspur Road, $617,000

Audrey Gatins to Christopher and Stacy Curti, 60 Old Coach Road, $813,000

J. Scott Fitzgerald and Bonnie Worth-Fitzgerald to Geoffrey and Kristin Shafer, 105 French St., $525,000

Brian and Felicia Hand to Eugene Y. Lee, 243 North Pine Creek Road, $535,000

Geoffrey and Cindy Wallace to Michael Gelfand, 23 Larbert Road, $950,000

Matthew and Carrie Lee Sakey to Leslie V. Hammer, 136 Catherine Terrace, $925,000

Thomas and Susan Hood to Stone Financial, LLC, 1320 Jennings Road, $1,052,500

Kevin and Cristia Bodell to Scott and Sandra Bailie, 68 Pemburn Drive, $583,000

Estate of Linda Bennett to Pamela Craven, 213 Lynnbrook Road, $452,126

Kardamis Construction, LLC, to Thomas and Keri Ann O’Connor, co-trustees, 293 Eastlawn St., $1,260,000

C and C Investing, LLC, to Todd Hunter, 91 Craig Court, $1,100,000

Barbara Vernon to Diane Sanders, 680 Jennings Road, $315,000

Adam Gonzalez, trustee, to Elias Papageorge, 10 Tuller Road, $321,000

Peter and Samantha Wilson to Frosty Valley 3, LLC, 581 Sasco Hill Road, $6,100,000

Gail A. Wilson to Maura Paolini, 127 Knapps Highway, $227,500

Joseph Carroll and Deborah An Delaney to Maria Palmieri, 233 Lloyd Drive, $437,000

William and Claire Lynch to Matthew and Carie Sakey, 264 Penfield Road, $1,290,000

Maria Palmieri to John Closson, 1741 Cross Highway, $746,000

Lee Faragosa to Anne M Desel, 245 Unquowa Road, Unit 104, $346,000

Brian and Megan Arth to Daniel and Carol Guernsey, 241 Brookside Drive, $730,000

Peter Hawkins and Marilise Hyacinth to William S. Pitt IV, 366 Meadowbrook Road, $635,000

TJK Builders, LLC, to Claire Lynch, 67 Craig Court, $1,060,000

Fern Jaffe to James and Kelly Millington, 245 Unquowa Road, Unit 72, $307,125

J and S, LLC, to Jared and Kaitlin King, 22 Shady Brook Road, $574,000

Colin G.Williams to Daniel and Carolyn Kasou, 1673 Stratfield Road, $387,000

Todd McGarvey to Molly McHugh, 155 Fairmont Terrace, $308,500

Susan and Edward Cart, Jr., to Caryn and Kevin Sullivan, 25 Puritan Road, $750,000

Arthur Weigold to Malcolm W. Robinson, III, 919 Fairfield Beach Road, $1,680,000

Maria S. Giansanti to Jessica and Roberto Giansanti, 624 Center St., $370,000