The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office Aug. 3-7:

Glen R. Hacker to Paul and Lori Reszutek, 171 Colonial Drive, $2,125,000

Valery Ayala to Frank and Kaitlyn Lisi, 112 Robertson Crossing, $350,000

Robert and Michelle Breault to Catherine Peru, 1051 Merwins Lane, $931,000

Michel Devos Epstein to Carolina M. Wanderley, 36 Curtis Terrace, $517,000

Julia Evanston to William Roman Jr., 207 Greenbrier Road, $355,000

Robert Rosen to Rene DeLaGarrigue, 161 Hemlock Hills South, $985,000

Kevin and Kerrigan Warnock to Anna Balouskus, 275 Colony St., $332,000

Bruce and Stacey Coletti to Matthew and Jeannine Pavisi, 2312 Redding Road, $2,000,000

Jay and Nancy Shaw to Robert Frome and LouAnn Moore, 265 Riverside Drive, $597,000

Linda Nanai to Patricia and Sam Klebanov, 43-45 Ardmore St., $434,600

Eugene and Nancy Andrews to Vijay Mareddy and Fatima Thiramalareddy, 21 Palmer Bridge, $712,500

Thomas and Jocelyn Jandovitz to Amanda Flanagan, 111 Aran Hill Road, $1,199,000

Grace B. Peiffer to Shannon Sherry, 331 Riverside Drive, $675,000

Ronald C. Sharp, executor, to Alan W. Reed, 4/6th interest in 130 Melody Lane, $250,000

Neil and Suzanne Strandberg to D. Charles, LLC, 82 Lucille St., $368,000

Sabahattin Ersen and Rosa Sanchez to Didiers Kore, 2373 Easton Turnpike, $531,000

Amanda Flanagan to John B. Young, 605 Eleven O’Clock Road, $780,000

D. Charles, LLC, to John K. Kuhn, 125 Mayweed Road, $1,170,000

Marcia Wemple to Dorata Deren, 240 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 107, $202,000

Daniel F. Schopick, committee, to Alfonso Cammarota, 209 Alma Drive, $310,000

Josephine D. Turner to Ilana Roby, 264 Szost Drive, $410,000

Lisa N. Sheppard to Bruce Coletti, 1277 Mine Hill Road, $566,695

Lisa N. Sheppard, trustee, to Bruce Coletti, 1277 Mine Hill Road, $283,305

Gail G. Amith to Ji Yoon and Tae Jung Kim, 186 Jennings Road, $560,000

Melissa and John O’Donnell to Aage and Anna Bendiksen, 129 Congress St., $440,000

Maureen Seirup to Bing Xu, 41 Pell Meadow Drive, $485,000

Annette Laroche to Isabelle Koenig, 18 Gould Ave., $420,000

Katherine Koutsantonis to Keith Bruni, 240 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 80, $192,500

Ruth Finan to Penko Slivov, 86 Catherine St., $455,000

John T. Strada to Henry C. Strada, 101 Craig Court, $162,500