The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office July 20-24:

Love Where You Live Homes, LLC, to Adam and Mary Price, 310 Penfield Road, $1,550,000

SFC 317 Lalley, LLC, to Willam McDonald, 317 Lalley Boulevard, $1,545,000

Deanna Saiza and George Fernandes to Peter and Melissa Murphy, 50 Lindbergh St., $669,000

Kim Marsella to Sara Champion, 419 Knapps Highway, $352,000

Kathleen C. Feeney to Jess Campagnola, 5280 Congress St., $775,000

Spa Inc. to Brian Dillon, 110 Lisbon Drive, $840,000

Lesley Langsam to Sand Dollar, LLC, 41 Alden St., $311,750

Paul and Kristin Marachi to Brittany Nolan, 14 Applegate Road, $420,000

VanBrodt Estate, LLC, to Kristen Barnard, 237 Fairview Ave., $599,000

Nicholas and Kristen Willet to John Karl, 126 Prince St., $267,500

Joseph J. Karcsmar to Starex, LLC, $64 Raymonds Drive, $165,000

50 Development, LLC, to Silas Abraham, 70 Chatham Road, $800,000

Gary and Carmela Velotta to Keith McGivney, 192 Partridge Lane, $483,500

Tracey and Terry Ralston to Rocco Santangeli, 447 Strafield Road, $230,000

Marion Condren to Kathleen C. Feeney, 72 Hulls Highway, $390,000

Arlene and Richard Carpenter to Christopher and Brendan Giolitto, 144-146 Flushing Ave., $531,000

HRD Realty, LLC, to James S. Kreitler, 230 Henderson Road, $250,000

Timothy and Jennifer Sheehan to Amy Donohue, 79 Barlow Road, $680,000

John and Rosemary Cheng to Timothy and Teresa Meszaros, 549 Rolling Hills Drive, $1,000,000