The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office July 27-31:

Betsy P. Tan, trustee, and Estella P. Christian to Steven Madera, 1777 Congress St., $385,000

Larraine Maffei to Derek Zarelli and Kara Douglas, 17 Greenbrier Road, $350,000

Sand Dollar Development, LLC, to Susan Chalons-Browne, 15 Penfield Place, $1,140,000

Helen F. King to Kevin Nealy, 1540 Fairfield Woods Road, $300,000

Richard Hiendlmayr to Ray and Lorraine Witkin, 170 Stillson Road, $924,000

Shannon and Susan O’Callaghan to Nicholas Orsaia, 180 Papermill Road, $585,000

Walter and Jo-Ann Fredericks to Donna Feeney, 138 Vermont Ave., $400,00

Robert and Andrea Arnold to Lauren Marchbanks, 624 Flintlock Road, $1,150,000

2 LBJ Holdings, LLC, to John B. LLC, 2015 Fairfield Beach Road, $1,999,900

John and Margaret Kuhn to Annie and Andrew Suffredini, 11 Shady Hill Road, $610,000

Shirley Rainger to Alberta Street, LLC, 257 Alberta St., $270,000

Kathryn and John Bennett to Amy Cowart, 103 Flora Boulevard, $625,000

Michael G. Nastu to Joanna Patterson, 407 Church Hill Road, $440,000

David Fitzpatrick and John T. Fitzpatrick Jr., trustees and co-executors, to Michael and Elaine Cuomo, 152 Glengarry Road, $505,000

Estate of Robert Firgelewski to Alice Kurensky, 745 Stillson Road, $165,000

Christianne Cirollaro to Geoffrey and Cindy Wallace, 342 Alma Drive, $465,000

Vasilias and Nicki Hasiotis to Elaine Kasparis, 159 Sigwin Drive, $470,000

Charles and Jennifer Doyle to Robert and Susan Siverson, 1338 Brookside Drive, $1,087,500

Jon and Anna-Lena Estes to Peter T. Mitchell, 147 Collingwood Ave., $845,000

Evan and Ignaza Mellos to Michael J. Vitanza, 120 Morehouse Highway, $754,000

Love Where You Live Homes, LLC, to Timothy Sullivan, 97 Fox St., $1,325,000

Donald and Patricia Devine to Bjorn G. Sao, 166 Mine Hill Road, $1,595,000

Michael and Shanfa Kassals to Christian and Natalya Rasmussen, 80 Steward Hill Circle, $1,250,000

Vincent and Amata Santoro to Ghada L. Makach, 2010 Kings Highway, $303,000

Krisztina Augusztin to Bruce and Mona Brown, trustees, 74 Andrassy Ave., $411,000

Peter and Andrea Clifford to Joshua and Jessica Goodman, 252 James St., $1,187,000

Mark O’Loughlin to Melissa Mack, 303 Lancelot Drive, $689,000

Joseph Passanonte to Evelyn K. Averill, 2109 Hillside Road, $770,000

Patricia M. Keegan to Bronson Meadows, LLC, 2550 Bronson Road, $3,648,000

Patricia M. Keegan to Bronson Meadows, LLC, 2644 Bronson Road, $2,752,000

Joshua and Jessica Goodman to Paul Crotty, 130 Howard Street, $705,000

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Maria Uscanga, 55 Pope St., $208,000

Barbara and Philip Turcy to Headsinthesand, LLC, 65 Ludlowe Road, $470,000

Janos and Elizabeth Pagacsas to Michelle Quain Trust, 1256 North Benson Road, $505,000

Jill Newman to Peter and Kaylan Gillespie, 50 Drumm Road, $723,800

Dominick and Laura Imperioli to Timothy Dwyer, 826 Stratfield Road, $580,000

Michael and Marianne Miceli to Eric and Valerie Ratner, 672 Rowland Road, $1,400,000

Lewis Morris Residence Trust to Craig Earley, 1074 Sturges Highway, $750,000