The Connecticut Audubon Society's resident lizards hungered for the spotlight -- and got it -- at a special program to call their own, "Feeding Frenzy," at the Burr Street center last Thursday.

Led by educator and naturalist Caitlin Holmberg, the program the featured the slithering reptiles because, she said, "It's cool to watch them eat."

Among the Audubon resident lizards on hand for the occasion were Vega the Bearded Dragon and Geico the Leopard Gecko.

"Vega is from Australia," explained Holmberg. "Bearded dragons are pretty common there, living in dry arid environments. They eat insects, fruit and vegetables."

As she talked about Vega's background, the creature delighted visitors by snapping up mealworms and blueberries with its long tongue.

"Geckos like Geico are very popular pets, eating mostly insects," said Holmberg. "They are from the Middle East."

Geico, whose name is was inspired by the animated gecko TV ad spokesman for Geico insurance, enjoyed a late-day snack of mealworms.

One visitor, Colme Watcke, 5, from Southport, said, "I've seen birds get fed here, but never lizards. They're reptiles."