Two juveniles who fashioned a "rifle" from Legos prompted calls to police Tuesday night that caused them shut down a section of North Benson Road.

The incident unfolded when a group of skateboarders called police around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday to report that someone pointed a rifle at them from the window of a Dill Road home.

Police Lt. James Perez said the call prompted a heavy deployment of officers, who shut down a stretch of North Benson Road, from Dill Road to the Fairfield University campus entrance, and diverted traffic.

Officers on the scene said after they phoned the Dill Road house where the "weapon" was seen, the window shades were drawn and the lights shut off. The officers then used a bullhorn in an attempt to contact the people inside, fearing that it may have been the start of a standoff, Perez said. The front door opened, and then closed again.

Then, however, two juveniles -- 11 and 12 years old -- accompanied by a 23-year-old brother and their grandmother came out of the house and showed police the device was actually built out of Legos.

There appeared to be a language issue that had hindered their immediate response to the police request to exit the home.

No formal charges will be filed, police indicated, but the juveniles who made the "gun" were warned about the consequences of causing a disturbance by aiming facsimile weapons.