Everyone in Fairfield owes a big thank you to Jeanne Harrison for cheering up our roadways by painting so many fire hydrants in town. When I first noticed one in my neighborhood painted like a smiling little holiday soldier, I wondered who had the caring imagination and had taken the time to do such an anonymous task for all to enjoy.

A few weeks later this spring, I was driving down Bronson Road and saw Jeanne on the roadside showing a couple of neighborhood girls how it was done. I turned around and went back to talk to her as she painted. She asked if I wanted to help paint but, devoid of artistic talent myself, I asked if I could at least chip in to buy the supplies, and she accepted. She asked if I had a business card with me, so I gave her one, we said good day, and I continued on my way. What a wonderful lady I thought, and she's paying it forward by teaching the girls how to be good citizens, too.

A few weeks ago, I received a post card from Jeanne with a smiling hydrant soldier on the front and a note of thanks on the back. As if painting the hydrants weren't enough, sending a written thank you card to a virtual stranger for a minor favor is a real class act, the likes of which has virtually disappeared from today's digitized society. We can all take a lesson in citizenship and civility from Jeanne Harrison. We all thank you!

Scott Tiefenthaler