I support Catherine Albin for a four-year term on the Board of Finance because she has proven that she understands that we can and must protect our school system -- more than half the town's budget -- while still keeping expenditures to a minimum. She is already showing that the same hard work and common sense can provide similar benefits on the town side of the budget.

During Albin's 12 years on the Board of Education -- almost half as either chairman or vice chairman -- she worked tirelessly to get new schools opened as needed, to improve policies and procedures and to make the school system work for Fairfield's families. But she did it while protecting Fairfield's taxpayers every step of the way. Over Albin's 12 years on the school board, the per-pupil expenditures in Fairfield, adjusted for inflation, grew by barely more than 1 percent per year. That is compared to a statewide adjusted, per-pupil expenditure growth of almost 2.5 percent per annum, which caused Fairfield's rank while Albin served to drop from 22nd to 61st among the state's municipalities.

On the Board of Finance Albin has shown the same work ethic and common sense in looking at the rest of the town budget, recognizing both that our town needs its essential services to maintain its character and that in these tough times tax increases have to be kept to a minimum. That is why she has my support for the Board of Finance.

Eric Newman