To the Editor:

Open letter to Congressman Himes: Congressman, in 2008 a first term Senator won the office of the Presidency. He had zero qualifications for the job. On top of that, millions who voted against him felt that his ideas would be detrimental for the future of our country. This President went on a world wide apology tour. He befriended the Muslim Brotherhood as they briefly took control of Egypt. He led the effort to redefine marriage. He destroyed our healthcare system. I would hope even you now acknowledge the ACA passed based on a pack of lies and would collapse under its' own weight if it was not going to be repealed. Yet there was no effort at all to have the electoral college change the will of the people. Conservatives hated the direction Obama took this country whether it was the IRS scandal, the EPA run amuck, foreign policy decisions that created ISIS, executive orders when he knew he could not pass a bill the way we all learned in elementary school. Yet he won a 2nd term and again there was not a whisper of persuading the electoral college to do anything other than what the voters wanted.

To do anything else is anarchy. To deny Obama either of his wins because we thought he would be a failed President is not how the system is designed. The voting booth is sacrosanct. Why bother voting if people like you, when you don't like the results, resort to strong arming delegates or you demand recounts that cost millions to simply add to Trump's win total. Those of us who were fearful of an Obama Presidency took the paths available to us to stop him. We voted Democrats out in huge numbers in 2010 and 2014. We voted Democrats out in state legislatures across the country, we voted Democrats out of Governorships to where you now hold less than 1/3rd of the states. You have the least amount of power than at any other time in the history of this country. That is how conservatives deal with elections we don't agree with.

So on behalf of the country Congressman Himes, I am begging you and George Soros and like minded people to stop. This election wasn't even close. In 2012 Obama got 332 votes. Trump got 306. You are talking a difference of 26 votes. That is Florida with 3 votes to spare. Are you saying if Obama did not win Florida and his total was 303, his election should have been tossed by the electoral college. Trump won because he will deliver change. He will shake up ALL the institutions in DC. That will and should include the CIA, the FBI and all the other acronyms. Because collectively they have failed the citizens of this country to the point we have turned to Donald Trump for help.

When the headline read "Congressman begs Electoral College voters to block Trump" I started to try to guess what left wing radical would want this. The wing nuts that came to mind included Alan Grayson (head of the wing nuts) , Alcee Hastings ( former judge who was impeached), Corrine Brown (indicted on 22 counts fraud), Jan Shakowsky (whose husband was involved in planting protestors at Trump rallies), Maxine Waters ( made it onto CREW's most corrupt list 4 times) to name just a few. CREW as you know is a very liberal group that generally targets Republicans. I was stunned to read it was you. Stunned and disappointed. There was a comment after each name I gave you. I ask are any of these people worthy of the office they hold? When you are a member in this glass House, you should refrain from throwing a stone.

It was funny to watch the left election night, which is now more than a month ago. I remember very specifically one example one talking head after another gave as evidence the world was not happy with this result was the DOW futures went down over 800 points when it began to become clear Trump was going to win. Democrat media, Democrat politicians, Democrat after Democrat came on to say, see, the voters in this country are clueless, the markets know this is a dangerous choice. The DJIA closed on November 8th at 18,333. Since then it has risen over 8% to 19800.

When you take the position you just did, you can no longer call yourself a moderate. You can however call yourself delusional.

Kevin Dillon