I was appalled by the behavior of our town's residents during the Representative Town Meeting the evening of April 30. The repeated shouting from residents in favor of cutting the budget lacked citizenship. My children, both elementary school aged, would have acted with better social skills. The antagonistic atmosphere made me feel like I was sitting in Section 39 among the Bleacher Creatures during a home game against the Red Sox!

The behavior of our senior citizen population at the meeting is very disheartening. Seniors spoke publicly about the higher property taxes preventing new families from moving into our community. Assessing the behavior of some residents, I think the true cause would be the negative attitudes of our senior population on our young school-aged children, their teachers and our public employees.

Furthermore, I think is very inappropriate for Micheal Herley, an RTM member from District 1, to write the following on Twitter: "Very impressed by the level of engagement-passion the public ... displayed."

I have attended many public meetings in the last 10 years, and this was one of the worst displays of public behavior.

Above all, I commend the meeting's moderator for his coolness at the hands of a rowdy crowd , and I wish the woman who had to be removed from the meeting a safe journey to Florida.

Erik Kalapir