To The Editor:

Are you voting in Fairfield’s 132nd District this November? If so, join with me and vote for Dru Georgiadis to be our next state representative in Hartford. Dru will use her limitless energy, intelligence and enthusiasm to work on the issues that affect all of us in Fairfield.

Dru has spent the past 25 years caring for our community in numerous volunteer roles, while leading four boys (one plus triplets!) through our public schools. I have worked with Dru on the PTA boards at Roger Sherman Elementary, Tomlinson Middle School and Fairfield Ludlowe High School. She is that tireless “go to” person who can always be counted on to raise her hand, whether we need leadership or teamwork. I’ve always known her to respectfully speak her mind, fight for what she believes in and stay until the job is done. Dru’s commitment to volunteerism and activism will benefit all of us in Fairfield when she gets to Hartford.

Dru’s warmth and compassion come out in all sorts of places — from volunteering at the Senior Center to coaching lacrosse at Wakeman Boys and Girls Club. Her authenticity and patience will be invaluable as Dru crafts solutions with legislators of both parties at our statehouse.

When Dru ran for and won as the District 9 RTM member last year, she earned the most votes in the district. Her beach- area neighborhood wholeheartedly and unreservedly supported her candidacy. In that capacity, Dru has been serving as vice chairwoman for the Public Works and Planning Committee and sits on the committee for senior tax relief. She stays informed on the issues facing her constituents and remains open-minded when listening to views different than her own. We need Dru’s thoughtful dedication to public service in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

We have the opportunity to send Dru to Hartford to serve on our behalf — let’s make sure she gets there!

Kathy Wiant