As general manager of Fairfield's Connecticut Dance School and a participant in the Arts & Economic Prosperity study, I applaud the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County for underscoring the economic impact of the arts on the local economy. Although the arts represent the portal to creativity in all things, their economic impact is a key factor in strengthening their role in society.

At Connecticut Dance School, we train wonderful dancers. But they're not just dancers, they are dancers for life. The arts make life worth living by opening a critical door for each of us.

The Cultural Alliance study suggests that the financial contribution of the arts to Fairfield County, and the country, is measurable and growing by the day. It also suggests that, if we want all that the arts have to offer, we must recognize that there's work to be done. The study says it's economically feasible. So what's the message?

The arts matter to all of us, and all of us have a role in the arts. Not only is it great for the soul, it's also good business.

Valerie Pullman

Connecticut Dance School