The Republicans are at it again. Feeding misinformation and encouraging mean-spirited personal attacks against local public servants who are dedicating their lives to serving our community.

Kim Fawcett is one of those dedicated servants, and if you met her you know she is passionate and committed to each of our families. She makes politics personal and focuses on the issues that matter to our town. Check out her video endorsements online of actual constituents she has helped,

Mr. Alessi should be ashamed of himself for putting his name to such lies.

Rep. Fawcett has a stellar attendance record. In her six years as a state representative and full time working mom she has averaged more than a 90 percent vote record in both committee and House floor votes.

Bringing attention to attendance at public hearings is a bogus misrepresentation of fact. Similar to what Linda McMahon is doing to Chris Murphy. Our public officials serve on many committees and often have public hearings occur simultaneously. Republican or Democrat, they cannot be in two places at one time. Rep. Fawcett chairs the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, where she has a 100 percent attendance record at all of their business meetings.Her committee schedule conflicts with several other committee meetings, so yes, she has to prioritize her time and attend meetings selectively.

On the issues, Rep. Fawcett has been consistent. She voted twice over the past six years to repeal the death penalty. She is a fighter for our families and cares deeply about seeing our government make responsible spending decisions while protecting our children and preserving our safety net.

Voters of Fairfield's reconfigured 133rd district should also be on alert. Her opponent is an ideologue whose political stands regularly reflect those of the far right members of the national Republican party. The same people who have hijacked the political process and refused to work for reasonable, fair progress in our country.

And lastly, Rep. Fawcett did not apply for an international exchange trip in 2013, her husband and her daughter did. I don't know what is more horrendous, the fact that he has the wrong information or that fact that his wife sits on the Board of the 501c3 organization sponsoring the trips for Fairfield students? They have clearly used the organizations private records for political purposes threatening their 501c3 status and putting to question the Ludlowe Corps standing as a valued non-partisan not-for-profit group serving our kids.

Kim is dedicated to our town, she is thoughtful and brings an experienced can-do spirit to her work. Fairfield wins if we re-elect Kim Fawcett this November.

Jay Wolk

RTM, District 6