The time is drawing near again for the state representative candidates to show what they can bring to the table if they are elected. I've owned and operated a small business in Fairfield and Southport over the past seven years and have growing concerns about the sustainability and financial health of business in Connecticut. Where is our small-business sector representation? Who is acting as watchdog protecting the rights of business owners at the government level?

Two years ago, I gave my support to Kevin Coyner as an excellent choice for Connecticut state representative for the 132nd District, and will do so again now. Kevin's experiences and understanding in both finance and government make him a powerful asset to both the small business community as well as the bigger corporations. He has held administrative positions in the U.S. Senate, the Executive Board of the Firefighter's Union, and the State of Alaska's Department of Economic Development. Through this knowledge and experience, I have no trouble seeing that Kevin will be able to understand, protect, and support those that he represents

Kevin's desire to promote both small and big business in order to improve the overall "health" of our state could create the momentum that makes Connecticut attractive again. By blending the two, residents and towns will prosper.

I would have certainly voted for Kevin in this election based upon his experiences and visions alone, but knowing that he "gets" the small business community makes me an enthusiastic supporter once again.

Robert W. Kipp


Pro Health Chiropractic P.C.