It's that time of year when we hear half truths and enter the election year spin zone. The time of year when those up for re-election are given a bad rap for the deeds they've done throughout their time in office. I don't have the time (or space) to clear up all the misconceptions, but I want to bring to your attention to one candidate, one bill and give you the truth.

That candidate is Brenda Kupchick. The bill was about bonding.

Bonding essentially is borrowing and charging expenses on the state's credit card -- money that needs to be paid back later. It's a smart way to go for certain long-term investments like fixing bridges and rail improvements.

Brenda recently voted against a bill that included money to help our transportation infrastructure --something anyone who rides Metro-North knows is needed. That's a fact, she voted it down, but does anyone know why? If you take a closer look, that same bill was loaded with pork, corporate welfare and borrowing for operating expenses. That is not what bonding should be used for. Brenda took a stand against the madness of irresponsible borrowing and poor planning, even though there was some good included in the bill. That is a what conscientious, sensible elected official should do.

I hope that the voters take a good look at Brenda's record of honest, public service and reject the election-year spin.

Amy Flynn