Sue Brand has given us 20 years of honesty, intelligence and leadership, all of which have had a positive impact in Fairfield. Sue is the kind of leader who is already working to solve the problem while others still don't know if they really want to deal with it. She deserves our vote for State Representative in the 132nd District.

Sue Brand protected the teachers and students at Tomlinson Middle School while it was under construction. She realized that the schools original traffic pattern would be dangerous during construction, and worked with town engineer Bill Hurley and others to change it.

When a radon test in one classroom slowed levels six times the EPA limit, she called for schoolwide testing. When the test was conducted improperly, Brand consulted the EPA to confirm specific testing requirements and made sure subsequent tests followed the protocols. In the end, the school's air quality was improved, and the testing company received additional training, which was great for everyone.

But, she didn't stop there. Sue served as an advisory member on the Temporary Building Construction Study Committee formed to clarify authority over building committees. To protect all schools, Brand wrote the PTA protocols for Occupied Renovation & Building Committee Safety & Security Practices, adopted by the Board of Selectmen in 2007, now part of every Fairfield PTA's rules.

More recently, on the Board of Education in June she voted "no" to a raise and bonus for the superintendent, believing it was inappropriate because school programs and services had been cut. Sue established that school building designs require approval from the entire board rather than just the chairman. She advocated for compliance with board policy to require monthly financial reporting.

Sue Brand established that the board get a professional estimator to provide costs of nonrecurring school projects, though it is not being consistently followed. She also established the use of a written document for evaluating the superintendent.

Sue's leadership in Hartford will benefit all of us. She will drill down into the details. Sue will work to create jobs, small businesses and a highly educated workforce in growing areas like health care, biosciences and engineering. And she will reduce unnecessary business regulations while making sure consumers are protected.

If you want brand new leadership in Hartford, vote for Sue on Nov. 6.

Coralee Reiss