It is vitally important that Democrats living in the 132nd State Assembly District turn out and vote for Sue Brand as their nominee on Aug. 14. The Democratic residents of the 132nd need a candidate who is experienced and has both feet firmly planted in the town of Fairfield .

Sue and her family have lived in town for 20 years, and Sue has worked very hard for our community in many capacities: Board of Education, Board of Health and on various school and feasibilty committees. During an renovation of Tomlinson Middle School when students remained in the building, Sue wrote PTA protocols for safety and security practices and initiated the inclusion of the Tomlinson PTA in rules of engagement.

As a current Board of Education member, Sue established a new policy requiring a written evaluation of the superintendent. She also established a new policy which requires the approval of school building designs by all board members, not just the chairman. She recently voted against a raise and bonus for the superintendent because she felt it was inappropriate in light of the fact that programs and services had been cut.

For me, as a former registrar of voters, it is critically important that Sue takes her right and privilege to vote seriously. Voting is the foundation upon which a candidate stands and of the two candidates, Sue's foundation is rock solid. Families, seniors and all taxpayers have benefited because of her committment, courage and intelligence. She has been well vetted and tested here in Fairfield and will serve us well as our Representative in Hartford. We can all place our trust in Sue Brand.

Not sure if you live in the 132nd State Assembly District or of your polling place? Contact the registrar of voters office at 203-256-3115.

Jo-Ann M. McMaster