After meeting with both candidates and discussing many aspects of the Democratic nomination for state representative in the 132nd district, I made my decision to support Sue Brand. As the late Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill stated, "all politics is local."

Sue Brand has been an active member of our community for two decades. She ran for the Board of Education, campaigned, participated in voter forums and was elected. Sue Brand has proven she can work with people on both sides of the aisle.

It is important to vote in each and every local election. This is your right, but more importantly your responsibility. Sue Brand can stand prouldly on that record. The last election for this seat was decided by just a 21-vote margin. As a former state representative of 132nd District, I know each person brings many skills to Hartford. Sue Brand is highly qualified to be part of the team.

Sue Brand has the ability to listen and to make decisions. In Hartford, you are part of a team that represents your town, but you also have to deal with our entire state of Connecticut. Much of the time you spend hearing testimony and then evaluating the information. Sue Brand has had to do this as an elected member of the Board of Education.

Sue Brand brings to the voters a special balance of her personal life, community service, professional life and numerous awards. Tuesday, Aug. 14 come out to cast your vote for the Fairfielder who is our party-endorsed candidate.

Susan P. Barrett