Voting is not about equalizing the number of Democratic or Republican legislators. When we vote, we must choose the most intelligent, most committed, in other words, the best candidate, and the best candidate for State Representative for the 132nd District is Sue Brand. At a time when we need strong representation, Sue Brand is the right person for the job. She understands our concerns and the issues affecting us and is ready to tackle the tough issues in Hartford. Sue will ask the tough questions, do the research to get the answers and will work to move legislation in a way that best represents her constituents. We need to send someone who listens to all the people, hears their concerns and is willing to work across party lines to achieve success for all. As an independent voter, it is the person that I look at when I am choosing the candidate and I hope you will join me in voting for Sue Brand for State Representative in the 132nd District. We deserve a voice in Hartford who understands, represents and is willing to fight for us all.

Suzanne Miska