I am writing in support Sue Brand's candidacy for State Representative of the 132nd District.

Sue has carved out a life of commitment to others. Sue was a cardiac-intensive-care nurse for 11 years, a role that required many skills but most importantly, great compassion -- a characteristic which comes naturally to Sue. When Sue gave up her career as a nurse she dedicated herself to her family and public service. Sue served the Fairfield community in various roles; Board of Education member for five years including a stint as chairperson, a Board of Health member, and Board member of the Cooperative Education Services.

Perhaps at no time in our history have there been such significant changes in health care and education at the state level affecting many communities including Fairfield. Given Sue's background in healthcare, education, and government, she would be ideally suited to address such changes as a Connecticut legislator.

The combination of compassion and experience makes Sue the best candidate to be our State Representative in the 132nd District.

Andrew Baumgardner


The writer is the deputy treasurer of Brand's campaign.