I urge all Fairfield voters to vote in the state primary election Aug. 14. I also especially urge Democrats to vote for Sue Brand for state Representative in the 132nd District. Sue Brand has a broad and exceptional background, and she is extremely well qualified to represent us in Hartford. Sue Brand currently serves Fairfield with distinction on our Board of Education and has served Fairfield on numerous town bodies during her 20 years she and her husband have raised their four children in Fairfield.

Sue Brand has also had a career as a coronary-intensive-care nurse. It may be that at no time in history has education and healthcare been more fundamental to attracting jobs for today and the future to Connecticut. I know Sue Brand is very focused on what works in attracting investors and employers to Connecticut today, thoughtfully embracing the new realities of the 21st-century, knowledge-based economy. It is this kind of forward-based thinking that will benefit us today as well as our children and grandchildren.

Please vote for Sue Brand on Aug. 14.

Tom Drew

Former state Rep., 132nd