Letter : Brenda Kupchick has experience

To the Editor:

When an officer of the Nobel Peace Prize committee was asked why they nominated song writer Bob Dylan — his reply was “times are a changing!” And that phrase holds true during this election year. Despite anyone’s decision of their choice for a presidential candidate, a choice by the way which is something no one is obligated to share with anybody, I am confident and happy to support my local and state representative of Fairfield’s 132nd District, Brenda Kupchick.

Brenda is a committed representative of the 132nd District in all aspects. She understands the importance of re-developing local economy through businesses and jobs. Personally, as a lifelong resident and fourth generation Fairfielder, I have seen the disappearance of companies that provided jobs where residents could earn a living and have a sense of dignity in providing for their families. I believe Brenda understands that best as she has been a partner in a local business for over 25 years with her husband Peter.

Her past as a Board of Education Representative, a PTA member and a Representative Town Member speaks to her dedication supporting, knowing and understanding the importance of excellent school systems.

The 132nd District needs representatives like Brenda whose knowledge and common-sense approach to providing good government, whether it be fighting tax increases, speaking out against cutting education aid, passing legislation to protect firefighters and advocating for rail commuters against an unfair hike in Metro-North fares.

If you agree that we need “experienced” representatives like Brenda Kupchick, I hope you will support her in her re-election on Nov. 8.

Paige Palmer Herman