The state relegates the issuance of pistol permits to the local police chiefs. And under the new state gun laws, if you are over 21, the pistol permit is your best bet if you want to buy a rifle and ammunition for lawful use, even if you do not want to own a pistol.

The criteria in the law to issue a permit are quite loosey-goosey and give the local chiefs a great deal of latitude in making the determination to issue, or deny, a permit.

In Fairfield, that gun permit responsibility rests with police chief Gary MacNamara.

We just learned that the young Fairfield man who West Haven Police picked up on weapons charges for scaring the wits out of the University of New Haven community, was issued his first pistol permit by MacNamara earlier this year.

Instead of constantly fawning over the chief, the press might want to ask MacNamara if he doesn't think he needs to tighten up his permit application process.

MacNamara blew this one, for sure.

Jim Brown