With regard to the Fairfield Citizen's recent editorial "Fire panel's secrecy sounds an alarm' (March 30), there are two items of note.

First, very few in town care about what is going on because secrecy has long been the hallmark of the establishment politicians who get appointed to these commissions. Secondly, anybody in town with just the slightest political connections knows exactly what is going on because several commissioners have freely shared the contents of their recent discussions outside of the meetings.

And I do not know why the Citizen would be concerned that the commission's attitude might be "lets keep our mouths shut and hope this blows over," when the Citizen encourages that attitude.

In December of 2009, an 88 year old woman tragically died of smoke inhalation in her Southport condo unit -- right next door to the unit where the Fairfield Fire Department extinguished a blaze. Fire officials and police said they would conduct a joint investigation, but the Citizen never reported the results, which should have been made public.

With all due respect to the Citizen's right to write editorials, it mostly serves to enable secrecy and zero accountability in town government.

Oh, and it is probably time to once again point out I do not serve on the Board of Finance and that I believe that board no longer serves a useful purpose -- if it ever did at all.

Jim Brown


Thanks youth group

for parks & rec work

As Youth Services Coordinator for the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department, I am thankful for and proud of the Town Youth Council. The Town Youth Council is a community-service organization comprising 40 high school students. It is my 16th year of overseeing the council, and its members continue to amaze me with their sense of commitment and dedication to the many events parks and recreation sponsors.

Over the years, the council has volunteered countless hours for our Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Town's Tree Lighting, the Holiday Breakfast, our Family Fun Dances and most recently, the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

It was at the egg hunt where I was reminded of how special my friendship is with the youth council members as I re-visited with a few past members who once volunteered for this event, and are now participating with their own children. They too had fond memories of serving as a TYC member.

On behalf of the department and the thousands of Fairfield families that have participated in the events these high school students volunteer for, I thank you Town Youth Council. I am impressed with your ability to budget your time and prioritize your obligation to community service, academics, sports, theatre, music, the list goes on and on for these amazing high school students. Thank you to all the past and present TYC members, it is and has been a pleasure working with you! I look forward to our future collaborations.

High School students interested in serving on the Town Youth Council can obtain applications in August and September on our website, www.fairfieldrecreation.com. Interviews are in late September.

Ginna Paules

Fairfield Parks and

Recreation Department