I continue to struggle with the conflict between sincere admiration for the many achievements of our former First Selectman, which helped Fairfield grow and prosper, and profound dismay at actions which seemed to show disdain for our laws and elected representatives.

I am also grateful to my RTM colleagues who spoke in response to the Republican leadership's motion to censure, for articulating so clearly the reasons I could not support that motion.

Had the drafters of the motion worked with both parties, not unilaterally and behind closed doors, I believe we could have forged a true consensus, one which might actually have expressed the majority of the RTM and of the people we were elected to represent. I have often expressed my belief that, on an individual level, most members of the RTM have as their goals acting in the best interests of our town, and we work successfully together to that end. I will continue in that spirit and believe that my fellow representatives will do the same.

Ann Stamler

RTM District 5