For the past three summers, the Fairfield American Little League District teams have provided the town with countless exciting moments. Pat Pickens and the staff at Fairfield Citizen have chronicled the success of the teams admirably. As parents of a member of the 2011 State Champion and Regional Semi-Finalist team our scrapbook is loaded with many great articles from last summer.

For this reason we were mystified, and frankly disappointed, that Mr. Pickens included a disparaging quote from NESN announcer Jack Edwards about the boys from the 2011 team in his Thursday, Aug. 9 column (Picken's Perspective). Mr. Edwards called our boys "really cocky." As an announcer, Mr. Edwards is there only to call the games; his thoughts about what happens outside the lines aren't relevant. His reflections on our boys are about as appropriate, and even less intelligent, than an Oscar winner's musings on world peace during the Academy Awards.

Mr. Pickens should have known better than to include this quote. Most importantly, he should have considered the feelings of the boys from the 2011 team who were deeply hurt when they read his piece. The editors should be more careful about what they print about 13-year old boys; they aren't adults or professionals. It's a pity, because the boys used to look forward to Mr. Pickens' columns because of the support he showed the teams over the years.

We are extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments and character of the boys from last summer's team. Our son, Brendan, had the good fortune to play with a number of the coaches and players from this year's New England Championship team. We know how special that group is and have enjoyed watching their success. It's disappointing that Fairfield Citizen and Mr. Pickens felt the need to elevate this year's team at the expense of ours, especially in light of how supportive all the District teams have been of one another the past three years.

As the journey of the 2012 team continues, we hope this lapse of judgment isn't repeated in future coverage. Go Fairfield American. Never give up!

Fred and Deanna Bucher