In response to Rep. Wackerman's letter regarding cuts to the Fairfield Public Works Department budget (Fairfield Citizen, May 6) :

With the uncertainty facing Fairfield in the upcoming weeks, it is more important than ever that we get our facts straight.

For the record, as the recently passed budget stands, not only is the six-wheel dump truck included, but the DPW's budget requests for both the capital paving (up 6.7 percent to over $3.3 million) and the road maintenance (up 11 percent to $400,000) have not only been handsomely increased, but they were kept fully intact by both the Republican majority BOS and the Republican majority BOF.

To erroneously claim Republicans as being a "penny-wise and pound-foolish" was terribly irresponsible of the writer, who not only serves on the RTM but is a member of the Public Works Committee as well.

If Democrats want to point fingers, aim them in the direction of Hartford. But we all know that won't happen. Why fight with your own political party when you can just raise taxes ?

Peter Tallman

District 8

Fairfield Representative Town Meeting