While I experienced no serious problems, only some nervous and scary moments, I want to thank First Selectman Tetreau for the Code Red calls and emails before and after Hurriane Sandy. It gave me a secure feeling to be kept up to date. I also appreciate the various town employees who were working outside, inside and anywhere they were needed to help keep us all safe and alive.

I watched the patience of the various police on each watch on my corner with people wanting to get either to their houses or to gawk. Only once did I hear a police officer tell a couple who kept crossing the yellow tape he would arrest them if they crossed that line again. I was ready to go out and yell at the couple myself, they were behaving so stupidly.

Some people don't seem to understand the police are there to protect us. I could see the power line that was down in the water a block away. At certain times there simply cannot be any exceptions after a terrible catastrophe. Perhaps the couple didn't live that far down, but at that point after the storm, a single policeman cannot walk people down to be sure they live where they say they do.

I am often amazed that common sense is so lacking in so many people. It is me, me, me and that's all. Yes, it is inconvenient and maddening, but people like that are being selfish and drive me up the wall. Fortunately, the police and others know there are people who are a pain in the neck, and they will deal with them with great diplomacy when sometimes they ought to be shackled to the nearest tree in the rain.

Thanks again to all.

Marcia Miner