Fairfield Department of Public Works employees want to thank the very thoughtful citizens of Fairfield for your generosity.

In the weeks after Super Storm Sandy, DPW crews worked long hours -- staggered shifts, early mornings, late nights and weekends -- because this is what we do.

During this time, many of you approached us and thanked us for doing an excellent job in the clean up process.

Many of you suffering from property damage and loss of power and heat found it in your hearts to bring coffee, water, snacks and trays of food to the DPW garage for us to have during breaks. This is what Fairfielders do. This was a welcome sight for all of us, especially for the men who were unable to get home and those of us also without power.

This heartfelt thank you goes out to all the citizens of Fairfield.

Paul P. Kusheba Jr.

President, Local 454

United Public Service

Employees Union