Every person in this country understands that small businesses are the closest economic links to a great portion of the people. Small businesses serve us and they employ us, and they help forge us into a community, often donating their time and money to worthy local programs. We need someone representing us in Hartford who will sit down on a regular basis with local business owners and managers to discuss the needs, problems, and responsibilities of small businesses. Heather Dean, who is running for state representative for the 134th district, is just such a person.

A successful small business owner in Fairfield since 2003, Heather would pursue this task with single-minded determination and great energy, focusing on finding and helping to implement solutions. She would not let the ball drop.

Heather understands the crucial intersection of infrastructure and education to small business success. People have to be able to get easily and safely to a business location. This involves transportation routes as well as police and fire protection. And an educated, competent work force is a must. Heather would initiate, expand, and support programs addressing these issues.

Finally, she understands fully the all-important reality of ensuring a steady flow of credit, without which businesses cannot plan, improve, and expand, directly affecting the communities in which they operate.

Heather Dean would get the job done. Let's send her to Hartford in as representative of the 134th Assembly District.

Dawn S. Begian