RTM Rep. Ruth Smey’s (D-5) recent letter to the editor discussing Republican Selectmen Tymniak and McArdle’s cut of $800,000 from the BOE Internal Service Fund and $455,000 from the BOE operational budget was partially complete.

However, here’s what Rep. Smey, who also happens to be a member of the Democratic Town Committee, failed to tell you: Democrat First Selectman Michael Tetreau voted with Republican BOS members Tymniak and McArdle. The record shows that First Selectman Tetreau cut $800,000 from the BOE Internal Service Fund and $455,000 from the BOE operational budget as well! The vote was unanimous!

This on top of state Rep. Cristin McCarthy-Vahey’s (D-133) vote on the state Appropriations Committee to cut $1.2 million dollars in Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grants to Fairfield. If we are going to talk cuts to education let’s discuss the votes from both sides of the aisle. Of course, never mind, however, that Dr. Title, superintendent of schools, said on record at the BOS meeting that the district could absorb the $455,000 reduction without affecting programming, or that the first selectman’s own chief financial officer stated that $1 million dollars in excess savings could be taken from the Internal Services Fund. Clearly, facts do not matter for Rep. Smey and the Democratic spin machine.

It is time all elected officials to come together, especially for appropriate education funding in Fairfield, instead of spending time pointing fingers and playing politics in the media. Remember the old saying, “When you point a finger at someone there are three pointing back at you.” Please be prepared to give all the facts when you point a finger and not mislead those of us out there that would prefer solutions versus half truths or omitting information to make one party look better than the other. It doesn't look good to anyone!

Nick Aysseh