I've driven past several lawn signs that say "Save Our Schools, Vote Democrat."


Are these the type of unfounded scare tactics the Democrats want to use to win elections? Does this type of statement say that Republicans don't care about schools? This is far from the truth, so don't be brainwashed by this propaganda. Although improvements can always be made, there are no dire issues or proposals facing our schools at this time, so Democrats are trying to create issues by distorting the facts.

I am a registered Republican and member of the Riverfield School Building Committee. I am part of a committee that is there to improve the infrastructure to provide a better setting for children to learn. It is my goal to help achieve this project in the most cost-effective and efficient way. We are tasked to fix the school and bring it up to current standards but in a fiscally responsible manner. Does that make me a bad Republican who is against schools because I want to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and that we do not go over our budget? The answer is no, and the Democrats should be ashamed to insinuate that Republicans think otherwise.

Voting Republican ensures a better chance of fiscal responsibility for our town. Voting Democrat most likely ensures continued spending, higher taxes, and more demagoguery from the left. Think twice before you pull the lever without knowing all the facts.

John Shaffer