For years, including this one, we have heard the left screech about Republicans blocking voting rights by asking for people to prove who they are before they can vote.

These charges are disingenuous at best and morally corrupt to be more accurate. When someone votes who shouldn't, they cancel out a legal vote; in essence, taking away your right by disqualifying your vote with theirs.

I have no clue why Republicans have not explained how the Democrats, not Republicans, suppress votes through their super delegate system. Take a look at the election in New Hampshire. Sanders won with 60 percent of the vote. Most would call it a landslide. Yet Hillary will walk away with more delegates because of a thing called super delegates. In New Hampshire’s case, there are eight people, and we know who they are, who have the title super delegate. There are over 700 super delegates (also names we know) who will vote at the convention. They can support whomever they choose without regard to the popular vote in the state.

This is not a New Hampshire phenomenon. Democrats invented this idea and took it national in 1984 when they came up with this system to give Democratic Party bosses more control over who was elected. Consider this: The Democrat candidate needs about 2,100 delegates to win the nomination. There are over 700 super delegates. Meaning one-third of the delegates needed to win are already committed before a single vote is counted. Most of these super delegates are going to Hillary. For Bernie to win the nomination, he would need 60 percent of the regular delegates.

The Republicans don't have super delegates, per se. They do have a system where one in 10 votes needed to clinch the nomination are a type of super delegate. But this compares to one in three on the Dem side. So, who is the party that is suppressing your vote? The party that asks you to prove you are who you claim to be, or the guys who rig the system in advance by having over 30 percent of the people who choose the next president predetermined by party leaders?

Come on, Republicans. Stop being the whipping boy on this issue. You have facts on your side. Whether you are black, brown, yellow or the run of the mill white guy, Dems are eliminating the voice of the people.

Kevin Dillon