Letter: Don't drive out seniors who shaped town

Come on, be fair. Many of us seniors are the reason we have such a great Fairfield. Now we are being taxed out of town. Why not put up a sign: "No seniors wanted in Fairfield."

Do not run us out of town. We have raised our families, served on commissions, boards, Representative Town meeting, PTA, scouts, churches, etc Give us a break!

I agree with Joan Fortuna ("Town's senior tax relief offers `very little help,'" April 11), who noted that many towns and states freeze senior's taxes at a certain age. Why can't Fairfield adopt a fimilar program?

I read there is no money for a senior center director. If you live in Fairfield and haven't been there, visit the senior center. It is a wonderful meeting place for us seniors. The fellowship is worth its weight in gold. Sharing, caring and learning is what life is all about at any age. Don't cut us short. We are an important part of Fairfield.

Make Fairfield affordable for us to stay in our homes, and keep our senior center on track. Make it a 5-star center and make Fairfield a town that is our today and your tomorrow.

Jeanne Harrison