In the Fairfield Citizen's editorial, "Exploring the irony of Pequot Library's finances" (May 10), the paper seems to believe that Pequot Library has the ability to privately raise funds at the drop of a hat. I only wish it were true.

Your editor's depiction of the Kentucky Derby party as a "lavish" event that proves the Pequot Library can raise a lot of money seems unfounded. Using your numbers, the price of the tailgating ticket (for four) was $300, (not $350) or $60 per person which gave each attendee a few drinks and a pulled pork sandwich and a salad -- hardly lavish. With 200 to 225 people attending, that means less than $15,000 in receipts, before costs. Not exactly the big money-raiser you credit it being. At this rate, the library will need to have 22 more of these events to fill the hole if it were to lose the Town of Fairfield's funding.

Having attended the event, I can tell you that people from across Fairfield enjoyed themselves -- "probably the best Derby Day Party ever" said one friend. What they had in common was their desire to celebrate a fun event and their love for the library. I think this year's attendance and spirit was even higher given the recent concern about funding. I know that people who enjoy using this special library are now appreciating it more than ever. The Pequot Library has shown its ability to make ends meet on a very tight budget. Now that's a real value to Fairfield -- a value that warrants supporting.

Ellen Levinson