I read Ron Blumenfeld's column with astonishment as he was "empathizing with (Gov.) Malloy's" budget shortfall, which may cost Fairfield $5M in state money.

I don't empathize with the politicians who got us in the mess, I empathize with the Connecticut voters and taxpayers. Gov. Malloy has run two election campaigns where he promised in both not to raise taxes. We voted for him twice and he promptly gave us the largest and second largest tax increases in state history.

When General Electric threatened to leave if taxes were increased Malloy signed the tax increase and chased GE out of Fairfield. And finally Malloy has handed out $2 billion (yes, billion!) of taxpayer money to corporations, including insurers, hedge funds and other impoverished industries.

This is a remarkable series of events that should embarrass even the most steadfast Malloy apologists.

Bill Stapleton