On Aug. 14 the Democrats in Fairfield's 132nd Assembly District need to elect Sue Brand as their candidate for state representative.

The Democrats could choose the candidate who parachuted into Fairfield three years ago and has concentrated his volunteer efforts in Greenwich, or they can choose Sue Brand, who has lived in Fairfield for 20 years and has provided our community with positive performance in all her volunteer efforts, such as her work on the Tomlinson Middle School PTA and her common-sense approach to the issues that come before the Board of Education.

What the Democrats in the 132nd don't need is the candidate who created and traded derivatives and options, the same synthetic assets that contributed significantly to the great recession we are still trying to recover from and who was fortunate to exit the industry before his former employer received the largest bailout of all the banks.

Instead the Democrats in the 132nd should be looking to Sue Brand, who has the current relevant experience for the issues coming out of Hartford that will impact our town and our livelihood. Now is not the time to choose the high-risk candidate in hopes of high reward, but rather choose Sue Brand, the candidate we know and trust. Her opponent has commented he is ready to devote his life to political service; well, Sue Brand already is.

On Aug. 14, the Democrats need to elect Sue Brand, the candidate with the proven track record of consistently positive results for our town.

Suzanne Miska