It's not only time to get back into the school-year routine, it is election season. One of the biggest legislative races is happening in Fairfield this year, and if you haven't heard about the Kim Fawcett vs. Tony Hwang showdown you soon will.

I am supporting Kim Fawcett for state Senator in the 26th District. She is a genuine friend, committed to working for us all. If you have met her, you know what I mean. Chances are you have seen her out walking door to door, spoken to her on the phone or she's helped you with a problem. She makes politics personal, by listening and taking the time to talk with us, building genuine relationships and getting results for our town.

There is a stark contrast between Kim and her opponent, the one more commonly referred to as "photo op" because he is known to show his face just long enough to get noticed or be in a picture.

More often than not, his pandering press releases take credit for something he actually voted against. Take his March public statement that he would fight for local commuters. In the General Assembly two months later, he refused to support $14 million in emergency funding for safety upgrades to Metro North. Or his constant claim that our kids and vulnerable citizens should always be a priority? Yet again, he voted to cut $6 million from schools and millions more from the very grant programs that send funding to Operation Hope, the Kennedy Center and Center for Family Justice. It's mind-boggling that he has aligned himself and Fairfield voters with the right wing of the party (only eight of 54 Republicans voted for the cuts), voting to halt investment in Connecticut and supporting these far-reaching cuts.

When representing us in Hartford, he has been a disingenuous leader whose commitment to community lasts only as long as the photo op.

Jay Wolk

RTM Rep., District 6