My family and I enjoy living in our beautiful Town of Fairfield. I want to mention a few things t our charismatic and hardworking, no-nonsense state Rep. Kim Fawcett, D-133rd District, whom I have come to know very well over the years.

Throughout life we are faced with challenges. All parents struggle to do their best to provide for their families. Sometimes people are faced with challenges beyond their means or capabilities. That is when you reach out to your neighbor, friend or community. If you are lucky enough to live in a district that has a caring and attentive representative like Kim Fawcett, you can reach out to her. This has been my family's experience with Kim.

Our daughter Rhea has severe autism and struggles with the disorder on a daily basis. We are constantly trying to do our best to teach her skills to make her as independent as she can be. Kim has been there assisting us with these challenges, holding our hands, offering us her support and fighting our battles. She cares, she listens and she helps. She comes to you. You do not have to go and look for her. She finds you. She has time for you. She does not ask or care about how many votes it will get her. She listens to your issues, informs and makes recommendations and helps you reach out to those resources.

I know I am going to do all I can to get Kim elected to the state Senate because I want the people who represent me to do exactly what she does. I do not know anyone else who is like her. In fact, I do not know any of the other people who represent me. That is not because I did not look for them but because they did not look for me the way that Kim Fawcett looks after her constituents. The others are too busy going around and partying with the big shots only because the big shots get them big votes.

I know that Kim will definitely get my family's vote. I know you will do the same because you want people like her in elected office just like I do.

Rima Bishuti